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The first step in becoming a patient is to call the clinic for a pre-registration appointment.

  • Volunteers will help you complete paperwork and verify your financial and residential qualifications.

  • Please do not miss your first appointment.

  • When you come to register, make sure you have valid photo identification, proof of income and any medications you are currently taking. Copies of this information will be attached to your medical chart and the originals will be returned to you.

  • Evidence of Financial Need must be one of the following documents: Most recent tax year’s 1040, Most recent tax year’s W-2, IRS form 4506-T (Certificate of non-filing).

An appointment to see the doctor will be made for you at the time of pre-registration. You will not see a doctor on the day you register. All doctor appointments must be scheduled. The clinic volunteer base is not large enough to allow for walk-in treatment.

The average wait time between registration and your first doctor appointment is 2-4 weeks.

If you are seriously ill or need immediate care, please go to the emergency department or one of the several “fee for service” medical offices in town.

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